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Ghost of the Green Room

Ghost of the Green Room

My name is Gary Brennan, manager here at the historic Dickens Tavern & Opera House. I often find myself as the only one in the building late at nights and have seen a fair amount of paranormal activity, but nothing eerier than what happened one Sunday afternoon...

I remember summer. A beautiful day for brunch on the patio and a very busy day here at the Dickens.

I was working from 8am until around 10pm and had a couple hours of a break where I decided to rest and catch up on a little sleep. Upstairs in the Opera House, behind the stage we have 'The Green Room', where traveling musicians hang out before and after their shows and inbetween sets. Instead of going home, I decided to take a nap on the couch in the room. Closed to the public, I was aware I was the only person in the 6000 square foot auditorium and had plenty of quiet time to myself... or so I thought.

Dazing off to sleep I was awoken by pitter-patter and laughter from what seemed to be children playing above me on the stage and dance floor area. Worried that someone had broken into the venue, I quickly got up and patrolled the Opera House searching in every nook and cranny for unwanted guests. When I realized I was alone, but not, I quickly acknowledged the presence of something more. As I returned to the sofa, the giggling continued.

Footsteps continue to run across the floor, soft and hastily. I thought to myself, "Please ghosts.. please just let me sleep!" and BAMMMM!!!... instantly a storage door padlocked behind me starting SLAMMING open and shut, open and shut as if something was trying to escape! My body, covered in goosebumps, got terrible vibes and energies as some type of being was telling me "GET OUT! GET OUT! GO!"... I didn't even put my shoes back on and scurried out of the building not needing any rest as I was awake and alert!! Joking aside, I knew I was the only one in the building.

The storage room behind me is rarely used and impossible to lock from inside. In the middle of a Sunday afternoon someone, or something, tried to grab my attention and it worked. In most of my experiences the supernatural events have been somewhat positive and neutral. This one was not. This was from a different realm that I hadn't seen.

To this day I no longer spend time in that room alone...

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