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Darling Encounters

Darling Encounters

One evening floor manager, Gary Brennan, was summoned by his wait staff at the request of a patron. He headed over to find a couple dining in the tavern, a man and his wife. He first looked to the man he looked concerned and then turned his attention to the man's wife.

She was pale, the color stripped from her face and staring straight ahead towards her husband. After a moment the lady noticed Gary and turned her attention towards him. The woman affixed her gaze and Gary saw a deep tremor in her eyes. She whispered to him softly, "I just thought you should know you have the ghost of a young girl downstairs.” She paused and took a breath before continuing. “I was headed to the restroom when at the bottom of the stairs I saw a young girl. She looked up at me and when we looked eyes I…”

The women trailed off as small tears began to well in her eyes and goose bumps shot down the expanse of her bare arms. A look of pure horror filled her gaze as she continued, “I caught her gaze and I felt this deep sadness. As if I was feeling every horror and pain the poor girl had ever experienced. It was so sad and lonely, and terrifying.” The woman stopped talking and left Gary to absorb what she had just said. This was no news to Gary however as he too had witnessed the Dickens Darling.

A few weeks ago during a Sunday brunch shift, Gary had been bartending when he caught a glimpse of the hostess entering the wine vault*. Needing to ask her a question he left the bar and headed into the vault calling her name. Only when he arrived, he found the vault empty. Feeling bewildered he turned around to see the hostess entering the tavern, returning from watering the flowers on the patio. If this was a Darling sighting, it is the only time she has been witnessed in the upper tavern area.

*The wine vault is the original bank vault which has now been converted to wine storage and private dining. It is rumored that one of the bank’s staff took his own life in that very room when the company was going through financially difficult times.

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